What is the IP / port of the DWUSB GUI data output stream?

People occasionally ask us which IP and port number they need to subscribe to in order to receive the data that is output by our DWUSB GUI software.

As of version, the DWUSB GUI outputs all of its data in an LCM compatible format over the multicast IP address The port can be configured by the user in the DWUSB GUI via the Config window (the option is labeled “LCM Port”).

Also, if you follow the instructions laid out in section 7 of the DWUSB Development Kit Instructions (located at: http://www.ciholas.com/downloads/dwusb/DwusbKit-Instructions.pdf) and install the tools necessary to replay old logs, the data from those logs can be forwarded over any IP and port combination. The LCM log player can be configured to forward data over any multicast IP and port combination by entering the “-l” or “–lcm-url=” option followed by the intended URL. As an example, the following command will start the LCM logplayer GUI with it set to forward the LCM data over the multicast IP and port 7667:
lcm-logplayer-gui --lcm-url=“udpm://”