Unable to use TWR on dwusb_gui


I am attempting to use dwusb_gui on Ubuntu 15.04. I followed the instructions on the pdf, but when I attempt to add a new tab on TWR, both dropdown menus are empty, and clicking OK gives an error message saying “Invalid nodes ID(s)”.

The terminal output is as follows:

initializing the host…
application v0.5.0.4
LCM v1.1.0
Uwbtalk v1.3.30
DPU: master node 01:00:04BE has been assigned network ID = 1
DPU: anchor node 01:00:04BD has been assigned network ID = 2
NodeLink: thread running…
BackLink: thread running…
NodeLink: successfully opened the serial port: /dev/ttyACM2
DPU: publishing configurations…
DPU: publishing configurations…
DPU: publishing configurations…

I am stuck. Any recommendations on what to do?


Given the information you have provided, it looks like the host software is successfully able to connect to your master DWUSB (01:00:04BE) over the USB connection, but your master and your anchor are not able to communicate over the air.

There are a few relatively simple debug steps we can take at this time:

  1. You might want to double check the battery you are using to power the anchor (01:00:04BD) to ensure that it is sufficiently charged. If the anchor is being properly powered, you should see it blink its green LED approximately once every 5 seconds while it is not on a network.
  2. Try bringing the anchor closer to the master and make sure that the devices have clear line-of-sight to each other. We need to make sure that there isn’t any environmental interference that is preventing proper communications between your DWUSBs.
  3. Make sure that the host software is connecting to the master DWUSB and not the anchor. In your case, you will want to verify that the DWUSB on port /dev/ttyACM2 is actually 01:00:04BE.

If you would, please run through the above tests, and then let us know what state your network is in when you are done.

  1. The anchor, 01:00:04BD, is flashing a white light every 5 seconds. The master, that is connected to the computer, 01:00:04BE, is flashing a green light every 5 seconds. What does that mean?
  2. The devices are not more than 1 foot apart, sitting on my desk.
  3. When I connect the device, it creates /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyACM1. Neither seems to work. (Or sometimes /dev/ttyACM2 and /dev/ttyACM3). I performed a full computer reboot between each test.

Another observation, when I am on the “TWR” tab, and I switch back to the “Config” tab, the application might freeze, and the last terminal message is “host shutting down…”

Would you like to setup a remote desktop session to debug?

Just so you know, the current release firmware (REL- has the following LED blink patterns:

  1. Periodic green blink indicates that the device is off network.
  2. Periodic yellow blink indicates that the device has connected to a network as an anchor.
  3. Periodic purple blink indicates that the device is the master running a network.
  4. Periodic blue blink indicates that the device is a tag being tracked on a network.
  5. Periodic red blink or static red LED indicates that the device is malfunctioning.

The above are all the intended states of the DWUSB LED, and as such, I do not believe there is a case where the DWUSB should blink white.

However, this suggests that there’s another thing we need to check. Can you plug in your master DWUSB, then open a serial terminal (such as cutecom), and connect to the first port associated with the connected DWUSB, which in your case should be /dev/ttyACM0 (or /dev/ttyACM2)? After doing the previous steps, type in the command “get version”. At this point, the DWUSB should respond with a message saying “DWUSB FIRMWARE REL-”. After you have verified that your master is running the proper version of firmware in this way, please double check your anchor as well.

That sounds like a good setup for this testing.

Just so you know, the host software always needs to communicate with the latter of the two ports associated with a DWUSB. In this case, it should be /dev/ttyACM1 (or /dev/ttyACM3) that the host software will want to use.

When you say the application might freeze, do you mean it completely crashes, or that it just pauses for a few moments? It sometimes takes a couple seconds for the host software to stop a network that is in progress, which is what happens when you switch back to the “Config” tab, so it is likely that the system will pause when switching to that tab.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that that would be particularly helpful. It sounds like your host software is functioning correctly, but something seems to be off with your DWUSBs, which is not something that can be adequately addressed with a remote desktop session.

If you are still unable to get your system working, you will likely have to run the system in Ubuntu 14.04. We have never had anyone try to run the system in Ubuntu 15.04. However, we had a user attempt to run the system in Ubuntu 14.10 before, and the serial port libraries available in that version of Ubuntu appeared to be unable to properly connect to our firmware. For now, the system is only supported in Ubuntu 14.04. For more information, please view the following thread: Does the DWUSB GUI run in Windows?.

Just to give an update, I have been using another laptop with Ubuntu 12.04, and it is working.

I still have not narrowed down if it is my laptop, or the Ubuntu version.

And for the application freezing aspect: It is completely frozen. I have waited a few minutes, and it would not respond.

Glad to hear you were able to get the system running. For future updates, we are planning on expanding the list of operating systems supported by the host software, but for now, there are other features that seem to be more highly desired by the majority of our customers.

This is an issue that we haven’t run into yet, but we will definitely look into fixing this problem.

I can confirm that on my laptop, the dwusb_gui works with 14.04, but does not work 15.10.