Tags not visible for monitoring on CUWB Server


I am working on a project for indoor localization of an RC car. For this, I will be using the RTLS feature provided by CUWB (Archimedes v2.0). Currently, I have a master and two anchors (will add two more) which I have localized to the ceiling of the room, and I have one tag. When I set them up with serial numbers on the config page of the CUWB server, and look at the RTLS page, the master and anchors are visible on the GUI. However, I am not able to add the Monitor Tag, the drop down for monitoring the Tag is empty.

I have followed the steps in the manual to setup the UWB sensors for RTLS. I do not know as to why the tags are not appearing for selection on the GUI (I have selected the enable tick in the config page).

Server (v2.0)

Any help in setting up the tags will be highly appreciated.


For RTLS mode, you need at least 4 anchors and a master (total of 5) to get your tag’s position


Thank you so much. I have setup 4 anchors with a master now, however I am not able to select the tag in the drop down menu of the GUI. My anchors, master are all grey on the GUI. According to the manual it means they are inactive. Any idea for this cause??