Orientation of the Tag

I want to navigate my vehicle using DWUSB. If I want to use the position information from the UWUSB to control my vehicle, I need to know its ORIENTATION RELATIVE TO THE UWUSB-XYZ COORDINATES. Therefore my question: Does your framework also provide the orientation of the tag? And if so (assuming you use the IMU date to fuse attitude and position) this would probably only work if the tag is in motion. Therefore my second question: Does your framework provide the orientation of the tag if it doesn’t move?
Thanks, chraebs

Currently (as of December 22nd, 2015), our demo firmware does not incorporate the IMU data, but this is a feature that we intend to include in future versions of the DWUSB product. Also, our output position reports do not currently indicate the orientation of the associated device. However, there are still ways to determine orientation with the current system should you require it. For example, if you had a DWUSB on either side of your vehicle, you would always know the orientation of the vehicle based on the relative locations of the 2 DWUSBs that represent the sides of the vehicle. This is obviously just a single quick example, but the point is that if you want to use the current version of our product for your purposes, there are ways to use the data we provide to determine orientation.


I have a related question:
When the IMU functionality is used (when it is enabled in the future version), does the Tag’s orientation then come in to play… i.e. does a static (non moving) tag know its orientation (front, rear, left, right, top, bottom)?


Yes, with IMU data, we will be able to determine the orientation of a static tag.