How to perform TDOA in bridge mode

I know that it is possible to perform two way ranging with the DW1000 and ranges from 3 or 4 anchors can be used to compute position of a tag. But I have also gathered that TDOA is the preferred technique if we were to track multiple tags. I have a few DWM1000s and they do not have the external clock pin for wired synchronization or so I have heard. I wanted to know if the DWUSB by any chance provides a way to perform wired synchronization in order to test TDOA?

Unfortunately, the DWUSB does not have the external clocks sync pin exposed on the board.

Our system internally uses TDOA for calculating tag positions, so you can always use the regular firmware and our CUWB server to get accurate tag positions.
The system also allows sending all the tag sensor data back to the system.
So, once you have all the data on the PC with the UWB server, you can forward it in realtime to the Pi via the Wifi connection.

Please note that that is the normal intended usage behavior of the UWB system.
By using the regular firmware, you will lose all the bridge code functionality and the low-level access to the DWUSB hardware.


I see, so does the regular firmware use wireless synchronization among the anchors internally? Also, does the CUWB server also perform sensor fusion with the IMUs (the axial sensors) in order to correct position data?

You are correct. The system wirelessly synchronizes the anchors then uses TDOA to locate tags.

The CUWB server does not yet perform any sensor fusion on the UWB positions.
It does, however, output all the sensor data (including accelerometer and quaternion data) that can be used by your application code to to perform sensor fusion on the position data.