How to identify offline Anchors in DWUSB-GUI (RTLS screen)

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS DWUSB-GUI v.

Is there a way to identify if anchors have gone offline through the RTLS screen?

The anchors on my system stay green even if disconnected from power source for several minutes. The lost anchors do not show up in the messages screen either.

As of DWUSB-GUI v0.5.0.4, the GUI did not provide any information regarding the status of the connected anchors or master. All of the anchors and the master in the config file are always displayed in the GUI, regardless of whether or not they are actually functioning properly.

However, we are currently working on a new release of the DWUSB-GUI that will provide numerous enhancements over the current version. We’ll wait to specify all of the changes in the new version until we actually release it, but we are going to add in a feature to grey-out anchors in the GUI that are not properly functioning. This will enable you to identify which devices are functioning with just a glance at the screen.

Thank you. Looking forward to the new release.