DWUSB Kit and System Definitions

When using a DWUSB evaluation kit you may encounter terminology is unfamiliar. Below are some useful systems definitions. The list is not exhaustive, but should suffice to give a new user some familiarity with terms.

  • Anchor : In an RTLS network this is typically a stationary unit. Anchors are in surveyed locations and serve to ‘anchor’ the coordinate system within the algorithm.
  • DWUSB : decaWave-USB, this is an evaluation device designed by Ciholas for evaluation of the DW1000 IC created by decaWave.
  • Master : In an RTLS network this is the device connected to a PC that is responsible for coordination of network devices and enabling accurate time transfer between devices.
  • RTLS : Real Time Location Service.
  • Tag : A tag is a mobile device in an RTLS network. Tags are generally attached to objects that users of the system wish to track within the environment.
  • TDOA : Time Difference of Arrival.
  • TOA : Time of Arrival.
  • TWR : Two Way Ranging. A method for combining the transmission and receptions times from three transmissions to calculate range between devices.