DWETH101 with CUWB v2.x


We have successfully setup a quick demo using the CUWB v2.1 server and the DWUSB as both anchors and tags. We are now trying to use the DWETH101s as anchors and the DWUSBs as tags. We are not able to get the CUWB v2.x server to communicate with the DWETH101. Should this be possible with the CUWB v2.1 server or do we need to use the CUWB v3.x to work with DWETH101? We connected wireshark to the network and found that the DWETH101s are communicating using address and port 7671 instead of address port 7670. Is this why the CUWB v2.1 server is not finding the DWETH101s?


We installed CUWB v3.1 and the DWETH101s are recognized in the CUWB manager. However, the DWUSB are not showing when configured as a Tag. Do we need to update the firmware of the DWUSB? And if so, how is this done?


There is an underlying (Flash Size) incompatibility between DWUSBs and DWETH/DTWAG product. This restricts the DWUSB developmnet kits to operate on Archimedes (CUWB2.x) based systems. DWETH and DWTAG units are more capable, and are now native to the Bernoulli (CUWB 3.x) release.

Your question also points out an incompleteness in our documentation that we will be addressing.
Documentation links for all CUWB Versions can be found here: https://www.cuwb.io/version-history.html
Additionally we’ll be adding a HW / Version compatibility chart to make the relationships more obvious.