DPU: publishing configuration keeps repeating



I’m trying out a RTLS configuration and I see the following in the logs

attempting to open default.cfg
unable to open config file: default.cfg
main: config file load failed; defaulting to GUI only mode…
main: initializing GUI…
MainWindow: Using default LCM port…
MainWindow: LCM port is 7667
Shutting down host in preparation for a new configuration…
Config file missing bounds
main: switching to GUI only mode…
attempting to open /home/is-cuwb/is-decawave/ibm-office.cfg
successfully loaded the config file
initializing the host…
application v0.5.0.4
LCM v1.1.0
Uwbtalk v1.3.30
DPU: master node 01:00:0727 has been assigned network ID = 1
DPU: anchor node 01:00:0729 has been assigned network ID = 2
DPU: anchor node 01:00:072A has been assigned network ID = 3
DPU: anchor node 01:00:0728 has been assigned network ID = 4
DPU: anchor node 01:00:072C has been assigned network ID = 5
DPU: tag node 01:00:072B has been assigned network ID = 6
DPU: tag node 01:00:0000 has been assigned network ID = 7
DPU: tag node 01:00:0000 has been assigned network ID = 8
NodeLink: thread running…
BackLink: thread running…
NodeLink: successfully opened the serial port: /dev/ttyACM0
DPU: publishing configurations…
DPU: publishing configurations…
DPU: publishing configurations…

The log just keeps repeating the last line. My configuration is as follows:

“anchors”: [
“serial”: 16779049,
“x”: 22.5,
“y”: 18.800000000000001,
“z”: 2
“serial”: 16779050,
“x”: 30.399999999999999,
“y”: 9.4000000000000004,
“z”: 2
“serial”: 16779048,
“x”: 21.800000000000001,
“y”: 1.3999999999999999,
“z”: 2
“serial”: 16779052,
“x”: 15.699999999999999,
“y”: 13.699999999999999,
“z”: 2
“clocks”: [
“port”: “/dev/ttyACM1”,
“serial”: 16779047,
“x”: 25.52,
“y”: 17.719999999999999,
“z”: 2
“lcm_port”: 7667,
“run_host”: true,
“tags”: [
“serial”: 16779051
“serial”: 16777216
“serial”: 16777216
“twr_adjustment”: 0,
“x_max”: 1000000,
“x_min”: -1000000,
“y_max”: 1000000,
“y_min”: -1000000,
“z_max”: 10,
“z_min”: -10

All of the DWUSBs are running 0.6.9. I currently have all 4 anchors and 1 tag clustered on my desk to debug the configuration. The master is plugged into the laptop.

Is this the expected behavior? I was expecting to see some positional data appear.





From the output of your dwusb_gui, it looks like the ACM port was changed from ttyACM1 to ttyACM0 when you ran the network. Have you tried running the dwusb_gui application a second time, verifying that the selected ACM port in the config window is ttyACM1?

I’ve also seen that you were going through the process of updating the firmware on your DWUSBs in another forum post. Are the DWUSBs you are using the devices you updated to firmware If so, then you will need to use the more recent cuwb_server application to control the network instead of the dwusb_gui.

A further consideration is the version of Ubuntu you are running. The older dwusb_gui application does not function properly in Ubuntu 16.04, and only works in Ubuntu 14.04. The cuwb_server application, on the other hand, works in both Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04. If you use the Archimedes cuwb_server application (v2.,), you must use the more recent Archimedes firmware (

I hope this helps!



We got it working! Thanks for you help.