Does the DWUSB GUI run in Windows?

Currently, the DWUSB GUI software is only supported in Ubuntu 14.04. We are planning on directly supporting other operating systems in the future, but in the meantime, there are still ways to run the DWUSB GUI software if you do not currently own a computer that is running Ubuntu 14.04. For more advanced users, there are always the options to set up your computer to dual-boot into Ubuntu 14.04 or to set up a virtual machine running Ubuntu 14.04. For people who don’t like either of those options, then you can also set up a USB flash drive to function as a portable OS running Ubuntu 14.04.

The procedure for setting up a bootable Ubuntu 14.04 USB flash drive using Windows is as follows:

  1. Download the Universal USB Installer program from

  2. Download Ubuntu 14.04 from their website at

  3. Plug in an empty USB flash drive with at least 4GB of space.

  4. Run the Universal USB Installer executable.
        a) After the license agreement, choose Ubuntu as your Linux distribution for step 1.
        b) For step 2, browse your file system for the ISO file you downloaded from the Ubuntu website.
        c) For step 3, select the flash drive you wish to convert into a bootable Ubuntu device.

  5. Once the Universal USB Installer program finishes, you should be able to reboot your PC, and when it comes back up, it should have automatically booted into your new Ubuntu USB flash drive.

After you finish setting up your bootable flash drive, you can download the DWUSB GUI from our website at, and then you can follow section 1 of our instruction manual (located at to finish the installation procedure.