Docking the anchors!

Hey I received the demo kit and I’m really excited to experiment it. In your videos I saw that you guys stuck the anchors to the walls and I guess you used a magnet behind the charger… I was expecting it with the demo kit. I later came to know you don’t provide it with the demo kit. I just wanted to assure whether is it possible to just use a magnet to stick them on to the walls ??

We have modified a few of our batteries with the magnets attached to the base with a screw. So long as you attach a magnet with sufficient strength to support the weight, you should be able to place the DWUSBs on a metal surface. However, there is always some risk of devices falling. So far, we have had no issues with the magnets we have used. The parts we used for our batteries can be found at the following sites:

The Magnets:
The Screws:
The Nuts:

Thank you !!!